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Can & Will is a different kind of Creative Studio. We tell stories with the intention of creating impact, purpose, and change making that intertwine through broadcast, film, and online video, motion graphic design, animation, graphic design and branding. We start by understanding the mission and purpose so intimately, that it fills our hearts and drives our creative process. Then we develop a unique Creative Impact Strategy to help each client navigate the internal and external relationships needed to connect all of the dots by collaborating from within the core team. We are your partners in impact and we’re in this together.

creative impact strategy

When planning a social impact campaign, or advertising for a social enterprise, those who truly want to make a positive impact in the world face the enormous challenge of breaking through the noise of a world that is drowning in tag lines that claim to “do good.” We believe that the only way to authentically shatter that barrier is to combine the power of brand, communication, and social impact strategy into one overarching Creative Impact Strategy that amplifies your purpose through every piece of creative and promotional content.

We start integrating your purpose into creative and video content plans from the very beginning of our Creative Impact Strategy development in order to fully harness the communicative power of video, design, motion, and sound. Your brand, your purpose, your impact, and your message can then thrive at the center of everything the world sees and hears from you.


current work

Let Me Be The One Music Video
music video
  • YouTube

6.2+ million views

Be The One Campaign Video
campaign video
Be The One Live Event
live campaign launch/music video premiere event
  • YouTube

100,000+ views

Hacking Humanity
hacking humanity

our clients

We work with purpose driven businesses, certified B Corporations, social impact non-government organizations*, and multilateral organizations that are driving community and global change. We also work with impact driven corporations to build authentic corporate social responsibility campaigns that put purpose first.

*We are a fully inclusive business that values human equality and rights regardless of political or religious affiliation. As such, we do not work with political or religious institutions.


our team

Our team is built on a network of creative strategy, video, motion design, animation, graphic design, and branding professionals with years of experience making high-end entertainment and promotional content. The most important credential of every artist on our team, however, is a passion for using our individual talents to create a lasting impact in the world.

I have used the visual power of color, shapes, movement, composition, camera angles, sound, typography, and timing to tell stories and move people to action my entire career. After being nominated for a sports Emmy, I knew that power could be used for something greater. So I started Can & Will with one mission. To create content that, while it exists, makes a positive impact in someone's life. We bring the communication power of creative content to the social impact space because there is no message more important than one of purpose.


I am proud to be both CEO and Head Creative Impact Strategist. I am honored to be a part of your organization's social impact journey. Let's break through the noise together!

Amanda Heck, Founder & CEO

Amanda Heck



our purpose

As a business, we are rooted in the values of human equality and rights. As an organization, we are passionate about gender equality, honoring to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations, decent work and economic growth, quality education, good health and well being, and eradicating hunger and poverty. This is our purpose an it is integrated throughout our business model and relationships.


We are proud to be a part of a community of social change makers around the world, and amplify our purpose, through our alliance with the Humanity Lab Foundation.*


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