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2hr brand & visual identity assessment

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2hr visual story assessment

tell an impactful story both consciously & unconsciously

We will review your last quarter marketing and communications through a Creative Impact Strategy lens. We will look for inconsistencies in messaging and areas where impact can be amplified through shifts in creative elements such as font, color, placement, imagery, etc. You will walk away with an understanding of how to manage your marketing designers or, if applicable, a content design contract with Can & Will to bring your social impact/purpose-driven marketing to the next level.

If it makes sense for you, we will leave time to discuss how our creative team can help you build assets for your business that tell the story and get the results you want.


*additional consultation time billed separately

2hr purpose-driven brand assessment

integrate purpose into your brand

This is a deep dive into your brand and social impact goals. During our time together, I will ask challenging questions that get to the heart of why you want to use your business to create an impact. We will brainstorm and expand on ideas for authentically integrating purpose into your brand.

Integrating purpose into your business, and positioning your brand as a purpose driven brand, requires a larger commitment of time and financial investment. If it makes sense for you, we will leave time to discuss a contract for the full development and implementation of your purpose.


*additional consultation time billed separately

2hr hands-on design workshop

for nonprofit designers ONLY

Many NGOs operate on a small to non-existent content creation budget. So, the creation of content often lands on the plate of people who are not designers. Without a design background, it is difficult to really understand how to truly communicate for impact through your work. This is a hands-on workshop on how to use the tools YOU have available to you and apply design concepts that will elevate your work and amplify your impact.

This training is valued at $598. Proof of 501(c)3 status must be provided to receive online listed pricing. Once 501(c)3 status is confirmed, an invoice will be provided and services will be rendered only upon full payment.


*additional consultation time billed separately

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