our alliance

Our alliance with the Humanity Lab Foundation is a reflection of our deeply aligned values of human equality and rights. We share a core belief in harnessing the power of creativity to empower & inspire all humans to be partners in solving complex global issues. Together, we Can & Will create waves of lasting change. 


The Humanity Lab Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of reimagining humanity by connecting and inspiring ideas for a better world. They realize the untapped power and passion of people around the world and disrupt global development & policy making by putting people at the center of decision making.

We are proud to stand beside the Humanity Lab Foundation in the fight for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Be the One Movement

be the one

We are proud to partner with the Humanity Lab Foundation to drive the brand development, campaign strategy, and video content development through our unique Creative Impact Strategy approach.


We truly believe in humanity's ability to create the change this world so desperately needs and we stand behind Be the One as champions for the message and purpose. 

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