Free, interactive, lessons designed to inspire & educate.

In these lessons, you will have an opportunity to interact with the instructor, for an authentic learning experience, and walk away with new information, new perspective, or even new energy toward making a positive social impact while building your brand integrity and loyalty.

creative impact strategy

what is it & why is it important

Walk away with an understanding of what pieces need to come together to create an authentic social impact through your marketing, brand awareness, and internal communication content.

motion graphics

the answer to no-contact video production

Learn how, in a no-contact world where video production crews are not like they used to be, Motion Graphics can create a whole new world.

creative content strategy

avoiding creative production sticker shock

Learn what Creative Content Strategy is and why it is integral to avoiding production sticker shock.

traditional csr

it's a thing of the past

A provocative look at how corporate social responsibility has traditionally worked and why authentic purpose driven initiatives have taken it’s place.

creative impact storytelling

unconsciously reach your audience

Learn about the conscious creative decisions that have an unconscious affect on your brand integrity and bottom line.

brand vs. brand visual identity

there is a BIG difference

Learn the difference between a brand and a visual brand identity, & walk away with an understanding of what it takes to create a memorable brand.

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