These 1-on-1 consultations are all work. You will walk away with tangible information that you can take back to your business team and implement right away!

2hr visual story assessment

tell an impactful story both consciously & unconsciously

Review your last quarter marketing and communications through a Creative Impact Strategy lens and look for areas where impact can be amplified.


2hr hands-on design workshop

for nonprofit designers ONLY

Hands-on workshop for nonprofit designers on how to apply design concepts that will elevate your work and amplify your impact.


2hr content planning session

build a creative content development plan

Review your creative content marketing plan and create an estimated budget and expected timelines for the development/creation/design of that content.


2hr brand & visual identity assessment

build an identifiable brand

An in-depth look at your brand & visual identity alignment.


2hr business giving assessment

shift from giving donations to integrating purpose

An in-depth look at if/how & why your current corporate giving practices have impacted your bottom line.


2hr purpose-driven brand assessment

integrate purpose into your brand

A deep dive into your brand and social impact goals to identify ways you can authentically integrate purpose into your business.


2hr creative impact strategy session

connect marketing, communications, brand, content strategy for impact

A comprehensive strategy session that begins to look at your marketing, communications, brand, and content strategies through an impact lens.


creative impact consultation & strategy

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